It started with Mum and Dad, and then me. Born in Greenwich, I always knew I wanted to become a teacher and travel. My passion to help others grow and develop has shaped who I am and how I serve my clients today.
Love and life opportunities took me overseas, which presented lots of change and challenge, sometimes exciting, sometimes scary (especially diving to a depth of 40 metres!).
In the mix of country moves, new languages, house builds, divorce, company set-ups and alternate careers, there is huge learning. Living abroad, speaking another language & embracing other cultures provides a new perspective on life. My love of turning things on their head started with Alice in Wonderland & continues today. I bring this learning to my consultancy practice; a combination of focus, strength, compassion and resilience.
My 'extreme sport' now is yoga, a wonderful reflection of life; there is always more ..... (it's called practice for a reason). Rather like the coaching space, in yoga there is no ego, no judgment, just learning and growth. When I work with my clients I think of the lotus seed which grows in mud below the water. The flower blossoms by drawing energy from within, pushing through the murky water and  finally emerges into the sunshine.
Albert Einstein said, “Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them”.